Auto Vent Openers

Auto Vent Openers

Do you want to get control of your greenhouse temperature without the hassle of closing and opening your greenhouse windows all the time?
We have got the Answer for You!!

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Auto Vent Openers maintain ventilation

The Auto Vent Openers provide easy automated ventilation for your greenhouse 24 hours a day. The Auto vent will help you to achieve conservation, control and constant temperature within your greenhouse. Our Auto Vent Opener will provide your greenhouse with a constant temperature for your vegetables and fruits and prevent the greenhouse from overheating. This will be set to its standard position. With an Auto Vent Opener, we’ll assure you that you would no longer be hampered by the weather conditions, especially in summer when hit can become trapped inside your greenhouse quickly.

Auto Vent Openers maintain the temperature in your Greenhouse

How Does It Work You Might Ask? There is no need for batteries or electricity. The auto vent is designed with mineral wax within the cylinder and when temperatures rise, the mineral wax expands, pushing the piston outwards, leading the roof auto vent to open. Once the temperature inside your greenhouse reaches 18 degrees the window will start opening till its reached 25 degrees.
The wax works on contraction as well as expansion, therefore as the wax cools it contracts and pulls the auto vent shut.

Fully automated with sensors. Does not require batteries or electricity


1:)  Fully automatic heat activated greenhouse ventilation
2:)  Completely adjustable to operate and open between 15-25C
3:)  Allows greenhouse window to open up to 450mm
4:)  Suitable for windows up to 7kg
5:)  Simple installation
6:)  Easy fitting by clamps or screws provided
7:)  Ultimate temperature control for your greenhouse with minimal effort.


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