Choosing the Best Place for your Greenhouse for Plants

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Your greenhouse is an auxiliary attraction in your backyard or a decorative attachment to your beautiful house. It is so easy to plan the construction of your greenhouse, but there are things you should consider when you decide to build one.

Proper position of your greenhouse

If you have the luxury to manage a big greenhouse, see to it that the greenhouse ridge runs east to west, while allowing the length of the greenhouse to face the southward sun. Availing the maximum utilisation of the sun on the south-facing aspect gives the assurance that the greenhouse would stay warmer, when compared to those who did not use this system. You can also choose to use blinds for your greenhouse as part of your shading system. The method is very simple for a wooden greenhouse and applies to only one side. If you are considering a vine house or a lean-to greenhouse, the ideal wall is facing the south.

Greenhouse Base is Level and Square

The important thing about building-up your greenhouse is that its base must be level and square. We recommend that you lay your greenhouse base on a concrete plinth and over it a single course of brick. This will give your greenhouse a lift without any flash but will increase its longevity. When you are trying to lay it over a sloping site, one or two courses of brick would present a much better perspective and greater choice in positioning your greenhouse. However, it would be of great advantage if you have a plan that will direct you in the preparation stage of your greenhouse base, particularly when it recommends a concrete footing with a single course of brick on top.

Greenhouse Proximity

In building your greenhouse, you need a position that would give you easy access into it so that you can use it as often as you like. Proximity factor in your greenhouse plays a very important role, particularly in quickly accessing fresh produce. It would also be easier on your part to provide the needed services for your greenhouse in terms of facilities for watering and heating.

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