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Pollination is an import process among plants as this allows them to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers. Pollination occurs with the help of beneficial insects, so it would seem impossible that plants in a greenhouse could be pollinated without them. Ironically, it is also greenhouses that need more pollinating, as it does not have external pollinating agents like insects and a natural breeze to help in keeping the plants healthy in order to produce a bountiful harvest.

Greenhouse Pollination is Very Easy.

In a greenhouse setting, there are actually several ways to conduct pollinate your fruit and vegetable.

  1. Grow vegetables that self-pollinate. Vegetables like lettuce, peas and snap beans are some examples of plants that do not need external factors to pollinate.
  2. Make small openings in greenhouses to allow beneficial insects to enter. Bees are the most common insects that aid pollination of plants. However, it is important that the opening can be easily covered at times that the weather gets cold.  This is when a greenhouse ventilation opening comes in handy.
  3. Installing an electric fan inside the greenhouse is also an alternative way to initiate pollination inside the facility. The breeze coming from the fan will distribute the pollen to other plants in the greenhouse.

While greenhouses are made to protect plants from external factors that could cause their illness and eventually their death, a smart gardener must also know that it does need some things outside the greenhouse for them to survive. Beneficial insects and external forces are sometimes needed in order to keep the plants you are cultivating healthy, which would then enable the production of a bountiful harvest.

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