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Are you looking to maximize space in your Greenhouse?

Think about this…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your plants at your height level, no longer needing to repeatedly bend over? Or Maybe You Are Having Doubts Over Where To Purchase The Right Greenhouse Shelving For Your Greenhouse?

Worry No More! You Have Come To The Right Place. We Have the Best Solutions to Suit Your Needs.

Fewer Messes, Excellent Arrangement, Greenhouse shelving is the best solution for your needs and you will love it!


Welcome to your one-stop shop for greenhouses and greenhouse accessories.

Are you annoyed and tired of those flimsy little strands used for your gardening? The satisfaction of our customers is what we’re after,which is why we have come up with a technique in how to organise your greenhouse. We are happy to introduce a wide range of Greenhouse shelving kits, perfectly designed to fit all greenhouses available in the market. Picture yourself walking inside your perfectly organised greenhouse and seeing healthy plants without worrying that annoying pests might destroy them. This is the main reason to look at buying a Greenhouse stagging.

The Greenhouse shelving kits available are a multipurpose sturdy free-standing unit that can be used in numerous ways. The Greenhouse Stagging will give you more room and space in your greenhouse and it will be easier for you to organise your plants. It will also provide ample support for the healthy growth of your fruits and vegetables.


For years, Greenhouse Galore has been committed to bring its customers the best among the thousands of greenhouses sold on the market. Greenhouse Galore has offers a wide-range of greenhouses to choose from to withstand the Australian weather.

The primary goal of Greenhouse Galore is to present our best and exclusive variety of products perfectly designed and structured from the use of first-class materials. Not only that, we can also guide and give you advice at no cost. We are health enthusiasts dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle and we are sharing it with you. We are happy to impart our knowledge in how we became successful in having a healthy lifestyle through growing and harvesting fresh organic fruits and vegetables in our awesome greenhouses.


The Aluminium Greenhouse Shelving is becoming increasingly popular because it is long-lasting, water-resistant and no maintenance is needed. Plus it’s lightweight, transportable, durable & well-built enough to support the pots with plants and water. It can also withstand the daily wear and tear so water damage is not a problem.